One of the most interesting, yet least visited places in India is Ladakh. The Rooftop of the World.

It is thrilling to be so high up!

But visiting Ladakh, especially with children, needs special planning. For you will be scaling great heights. Leh is 11,480 feet ASL (above sea level). Khardung La (the highest motorable pass/road in the world) is at a dizzying 17,580 feet ASL! Oxygen levels here are dangerously low and snow/road repairs can have you stuck along your way.

Everyone travelling to Ladakh needs to plan well. But those travelling with children have some unique concerns. In addition, at those high altitudes where oxygen is rare (and phone signal and electricity in short supply), the traditional way of entertaining children can make a roaring come-back.

So turn to Stories to keep the little ones entertained. You may also find answers to concerns and questions that may be bothering you –

Concerns of Parents :

  • Do children suffer from Altitude Sickness?
  • Is it safe for children to travel to such high altitudes?
  • What would children enjoy the most in Ladakh?
  • What is the best time to visit with Children?

Questions of Children :

  • What is the meaning of a Cold Desert? I thought Deserts were hot sandy places!
  • Why is the terrain here so different?
  • What is the story of Buddha?
  • Why are there so many different Buddhas in Ladakh?

Step into the Ladakh Section of the IndiaTravelTales4Kids and allow Ladakh to blow you away!

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I used to argue for a living. Now I write! India has been home and fascinates me no end. I love History - both natural and man-made. I enjoy engaging with children. I'm bitten by the travel bug. And I absolutely love Writing. I tossed a bit of all these in together and India Travel Tales 4 Kids was born! I also write on a variety of other subjects..for young and old, the serious kind and the profane! To check out my work visit

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