Travelling with Children can be hard. Travelling in India can be unpredictable. Put these two together and you have all it takes to make the journey incredible!

India is also a place where Children are given priority. No new mother would be made to feel awkward if she were to breastfeed her baby in public (as in the west.) Basics come First. Polite Courtesies Later. Children here are not expected to sit at the lunch table like adults and make polite conversations . Children can be Children!

It is also a place which has witnessed 5000 years of continuous Civilization leading to a vast canvas of mythology, folk-tales, epics and stories. They enrich the culture and become a window into understanding the rich tapestry of this nation.

From Stories in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, to tales from battles and biographies of Kings, most places in India will have a story linked to its past. So book your ticket on the Travel Train and let the stories enthrall you!